About Us

Technical Process

Qingdao Huakang Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional production-oriented enterprises,which engaged in flexible packaging (printing, composite, cutting, bag making) .

  • Printing Machine
    Printing Machine

    Our company use domestic advanced high-speed 10-color printing machine which advantage is fast printing speed, high brightness and high accuracy. The tension is controlled by panasonic PLC and human - computer interface. Under high speed working condition, the machine can automatically connect and change materials.

  • Compound Machine
    Compound Machine

    Our company uses the domestic leading high-speed compound machine. Uniform glue coating can meet the industry needs of various types and special needs of the packaging bag (film) composite requirements.

  • Cutting Machine
    Cutting Machine

    Our company uses high-speed cutting machine which speed is up to 450m/min, the cutting end face is flat, which can meet the requirements of most automatic packaging machines film cutting.

  • Bag-making Machine
    Bag-making Machine

    Our company has several high-speed bag-making machines, which can provide customers with three-side sealing bag, center sealing bag (back sealing bag), stand up bag (upright bag), spout bag, special-shaped bag, flat bottom sealing bag and various functional packaging bags.