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Meanwhile, over 20 testing equipments are used in the test and analysis for all products.

  • How about your service ?

    Now our aftermarket for different national markets , I would be regional breakdown , except with the regional manager , will be paired with a single area of ??customer service , better customer and product tracking in place , kept drawing excellent work shortcomings, to better improve the team , and strengthen after-sales service.

  • Your products are mainly exported to which countries ?

    Our products are exported to all over the world , the Lord in Europe, America, the Middle East market.

  • What is compared to peer companies and other advantages ?

    Company is specialized in flexible packaging , cartons and packaging integrated production -oriented enterprises. The company is located in the beautiful coastal city --- Qingdao, China , is located in Qingdao Export Processing Zone , covering a total area of ??about 12,000 square meters , location and convenient transportation.

    Enterprises with independent import and export rights , has a complete and scientific quality management system, has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification , and obtained the production license of industrial products (QS).

    The company has printing, bag and complex professional production line , with high-speed ten -color presses , high-speed copiers and professional bag making machine and other advanced equipment.

  • Your product is environmentally friendly raw materials ?

    Our product is environmentally friendly raw materials are through the identification of the relevant departments of the State after use , along with the relevant certificate of authenticity .

  • Whether the company has an independent quality control department ?

    Yes, our company has a separate quality control department , after inspection by all finished before they can put in storage.

  • The company's products are passed the relevant quality system certification ?

    Yes, our company now passed BV, ISO9001: 2008, QS, SGS and other quality management system certification. We can also do the relevant certification according to customer requirements.

  • How to identify plastic bags are toxic?

    "People get used to ' poison bags ', both victims of carcinogens , but also unwittingly act as disseminators of carcinogens ." Plastic Co., Ltd. Qingdao Haitao Introduction : Many shop early with a thin , pungent recycled plastic bags smell like cooked fritters , carcinogens leaking faster and more dangerous. Here are the main : plastic bags, plastic packaging rope, plastic bags, plastic rope , plastic Qingdao Qingdao Haitao Haitao Plastic Co., Ltd. ( summarize the identification of plastic bags are toxic method:

    Sensory detection: non-toxic plastic milky white, translucent, or colorless, transparent, lubricated sensation when hands touch . Toxic plastic cloudy or yellowish color , feel sticky.

    Water detection: the plastic bags placed in the water , and then into the bottom, non-toxic plastic bags can be surfaced , toxic plastic sink.

    Jitter detection method: Hold the plastic bags end shaking force , issued by the crisp sound toxic, toxic astringent sound boring .

    Fire detection: non-toxic polyethylene plastic flammable, blue flame , like a candle as tears dripping burning paraffin smell . Toxic PVC plastic is not flammable, away from the fire is put out , emit a pungent odor .

  • Are plastic bags require printing performance?

    There are many types of plastic bags, there is the shelf life of the bag needs to have printed features, while the ordinary bulk bags is not printing requirements, there are a lot of printing is not required.

    As the bulk of the food bags, you do not need printed patterns and writing, so there is no printing performance requirements, as long as you can reach the level of environmental protection can not pollute the food.

    Plastic bag shelf life of the product is required to be printed features, because this is a product image printed packaging, especially in food packaging. Plastic bags printing function is indispensable.

  • How to identify high-quality plastic bags?

    1. plastic bags out of the library should be no different smell, no odor , taste some fairly plastic bags, can not be safe or not in the film Lynn paper packaging .

    2.plastic bags packaging must have Chinese signs, written factory name and address, product stores, is not a significant part of these two states the word " food ." After the factory were written product inspection certificate .

    3. buy with food efficiently to large businesses to spend money , to control street stalls to purchase .

    4.Some look like plastic bags can not be safe or not used in food packaging. Because this type of plastic bags are often made ??with recycled plastic .

    5. Because easily degradable plastic bags feature has caused environmental pollution , so when buying food, good effective green packaging materials.

    6. Possible without a good coating, coating products. Now packaging design , of course, is to make the packagingmore plus appearance, corrosion resistance, long-term use of materials with coating . You do not just give the material recycled products scrapped after the re-use makes it difficult , followed by most of the paint itself is toxic , and if these guys eating packaged food , everyone has to have a very large physical harm .

    Another coating, plating process but also to the entire facility has brought a great deal of pollution. Generated waste containing chromium and other heavy metals , waste and pollution when toxic solvents such as paint volatile gases, plating. Therefore, we should try to use without coating, coating packaging materials. Well, on these points is to describe several aspects of our plastic bags when purchasing the best care that you spend money on food when plastic bags may refer to the same money to spend high -quality plastic bags.

  • How rational use of plastic bags?

    Plastic bags are used in everyday life, more widely , you know, unreasonable use is detrimental to our health , then you have not noticed reasonable to use it ?

    Below Main : plastic bags , plastic packaging rope , plastic bags, lead us take a look at how reasonable the use of plastic bags.

    First, minimize the use of plastic bags cooked.

    After the plastic bag cooked often cause food deterioration , after eating , prone to vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms of food poisoning . In addition, the plastic bags themselves will release harmful mention , in a sealed environment and long-term accumulation , concentration increases with increasing time and thus contaminate food bag , affect human health , especially for children's health and development with outstanding affected.

    Second, do not use thin plastic bags.

    Ultra-thin plastic bags, light weight, thin thickness, but is very strong load-bearing capacity , because plastic bags manufacturers in the production process of adding plasticizers, plasticizers and this is extremely detrimental to human health , national laws regulations also prohibit the sale of ultra-thin plastic bags manufacturers .

    Third , no plastic bags alcoholic foods.

    Alcoholic foods, oily foods make PVC bags of lead dissolved in food , and this can not be a plastic bag containing food temperatures above 50 degrees . In addition, consumers should use a special food containing food packaging , especially in dark colors especially plastic bags , recycled plastic is likely to be re- processed out, should be firmly avoided for food packaging .

    Ordinary plastic bags containing food can not be heated in a microwave oven , heat is easy to produce plastic carcinogen very detrimental to human health , consumers should use a special plastic film microwave heating .