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How about your service ?[ 05-12 14:58 ]
Now our aftermarket for different national markets , I would be regional breakdown , except with the regional manager , will be paired with a single area of ??customer service , better customer and product tracking in place , kept drawing excellent work shortcomings, to better improve the team , and strengthen after-sales service.
Your products are mainly exported to which countries ?[ 05-12 14:57 ]
Our products are exported to all over the world , the Lord in Europe, America, the Middle East market.
What is compared to peer companies and other advantages ?[ 05-12 14:56 ]
Company is specialized in flexible packaging , cartons and packaging integrated production -oriented enterprises. The company is located in the beautiful coastal city --- Qingdao, China , is located in Qingdao Export Processing Zone , covering a total area of ??about 12,000 square meters , location and convenient transportation.
Your product is environmentally friendly raw materials ?[ 05-12 14:56 ]
Our product is environmentally friendly raw materials are through the identification of the relevant departments of the State after use , along with the relevant certificate of authenticity .
Whether the company has an independent quality control department ?[ 05-12 14:55 ]
Yes, our company has a separate quality control department , after inspection by all finished before they can put in storage.
The company's products are passed the relevant quality system certification ?[ 05-12 14:54 ]
Yes, our company now passed BV, ISO9001: 2008, QS, SGS and other quality management system certification. We can also do the relevant certification according to customer requirements.
How to identify plastic bags are toxic?[ 05-12 14:47 ]
Sensory detection: non-toxic plastic milky white, translucent, or colorless, transparent, lubricated sensation when hands touch . Toxic plastic cloudy or yellowish color , feel sticky.
Are plastic bags require printing performance?[ 05-12 14:42 ]
There are many types of plastic bags, there is the shelf life of the bag needs to have printed features, while the ordinary bulk bags is not printing requirements, there are a lot of printing is not required.
How to identify high-quality plastic bags?[ 05-12 14:40 ]
1. plastic bags out of the library should be no different smell, no odor , taste some fairly plastic bags, can not be safe or not in the film Lynn paper packaging .
How rational use of plastic bags?[ 05-12 14:33 ]
Plastic bags are used in everyday life, more widely , you know, unreasonable use is detrimental to our health , then you have not noticed reasonable to use it ? Below Main : plastic bags , plastic packaging rope , plastic bags, lead us take a look at how reasonable the use of plastic bags.
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